How to use UnelmaCoin(UNC) ?

 UnelmaCoin is a form of electronic money. You can't go to a bank and withdraw them either, as they exist only in the virtual cloud. So, how do you go about using them?

If you already bought UnelmaCoin through an exchange and now own a fraction or more of a UnelmaCoin, the first thing you'll need before you can use it is your UnelmaCoin address. UnelmaCoin addresses are long strings of alphanumeric characters generated entirely at random. You will also receive a private key with your UnelmaCoin. 

You can download a UnelmaCoin wallet, and it will help you access your UnelmaCoin by handling all of your UnelmaCoin addresses for you, while also allowing you to make payments to others.

You can also use online wallets. These wallets are services running on the internet and store your keys and addresses on secure servers. 


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