We are living in the digital era. Unelma Platforms brings the power of the core UnelmaCoin (UNC) team, aiming to solve some of the world's shared problems

through blockchain technology. We believe that UnelmaCoin can bridge the gate for a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform, Sending and receiving funds on any platform is possible with proper knowledge; however, UnelmaCoin aims to bridge that gap by providing an ecosystem whereby anyone can use the crypto as posting on social network sites. UnelmaCoin has already released the UnelmaCoin platform under a simple domain that allows a user to send or receive crypto via social networks. The UnelmaCoin network comes with privacy to transactions. The UnelmaCoin, when it starts the coin mixing feature, it breaks the transaction into smaller denominations such as 0.01 UNC, 0.1 UNC, 1 UNC, and 10 UNC. This type of breakage can be sent from the user wallet to a MasterNode, for mixing denomination without sending any identifying and critical personal information. When two users, e.g. Alice and Bob, send similar requests to the MasterNode, a coin mixing session starts. The users' wallet then pays for the denomination to itself, meaning the same wallet but in a different address without intervention from any parties. Coin mixing technology makes it harder to track once the coins are sent from multiple addresses because each lesson holds a negligible amount of UnelmaCoins. To get serious privacy from coin mixing, the process is repeated several times


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